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General Information

If you have any questions at all, please contact the airport office at 707.996.2100.

Sonoma Skypark (0Q9) is located about three miles South of downtown Sonoma, CA. In order to help us maintain good relations with our neighbors and the surrounding community:

  • PLEASE fly a standard, rectangular pattern at all times. See our traffic pattern diagram above.
  • BE AWARE that many vintage, non-radio airplanes fly out of Skypark and neighboring Schellville Airport. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.
  • NO TURNS on takeoff before 800 feet.


  • Self-fueling system via credit card
  • Pilot’s lounge in airport office with drinks and candy for sale
  • Restrooms at back side of airport office are open 24 hours
  • Free courtesy car available, call 707.996.2100 for details


122.8 ground frequency

WX ASOS at Napa Airport, APC (8 nm E): 707-252-7916

WX AWOS-3 at Petaluma Airport, O69 (8 nm W): 707-773-1529



Current FAA information for Sonoma Skypark